I am Jenny Tucker, the founder of Sage Green Growing Co.

My interest in gardening started at the age of 7 years when my mum gave me three daffodil bulbs, a pot and some compost. I watched with awe as, with care and attention, the bulbs grew into three beautiful yellow flowers. That is where it all started!.
I was a home grower whilst my family were young providing the family with fruit and vegetables grown in the garden. Lovely. My love for gardening followed me through my life.  I ran my own small gardening round for a number of years and have first hand experience of working on an established mixed fruit and vegetables commercial market garden.

So much is written about the contamination of food in the growing process through the use of herbicides and pesticides and the general condition of the soil, that I wanted to create a beautiful, ecologically sound, way of growing my own food using organic methods.  That one thought progressed from doing this for myself on an allotment into the decision to start a market garden to share not only what I grow but my experience and love for growing.

I have worked in social care for a number of years working with vulnerable adults in the community and on a day service provision. One of the days services I worked on was a gardening project for vulnerable adults I saw for myself the benefits  of working outdoors and connecting with nature to individuals with moderate mental health problems.

Being now of the ‘older generation’ I can appreciate how easy it is for people of my own age to become isolated in the community.  Personally, I have found that gardening can provide social and therapeutic benefits for anyone who enjoys being outdoors and connecting with nature. I believe that  we at Sage Green Growing Co. can provide an environment for the benefit of everyone who joins us. We don’t ask you to have previous gardening experience; just a love of the outdoors.