What We Do

Sage Green CIC  market garden is a social enterprise food project offering a selection of organically grown vegetables and fruit.  2022 is our fourth year of growing on the site which is situated inside the walled garden on the Powderham Estate. We are also a ‘green care’ project.  The venue couldn’t be better placed for providing green care where people can improve their own wellbeing whilst participating in growing food organically and letting nature do the healing. 

We intend to expand the edible experience through the use of heritage vegetables as they sit so perfectly with where we are sited and culinary herbs, especially their more colourful and variegated forms along with many edible flowers. Since starting in the garden we have had many successes and a few ‘learning ‘ experiences! We are building on our successes and introducing more varieties of vegetables every year.

Last year we were particularly proud of our heritage sprouts ‘red rubine’. We are growing them again this year and will donate the seeds to Exeter Seed Bank.    

In the logo for Sage Green CIC, there is a hare.  The hare represents ‘new beginnings’ in folklore.  I felt the hare on my logo would represent how ‘new beginnings’ can happen for those who want change in their life by taking the first step of coming along and volunteering with us.   Our flexible working means that although we want to foster an atmosphere of ‘inclusiveness’ so that there will be no segregation and everyone will be referred to as ‘volunteers’, the work in the garden can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals’ abilities and interest.

How We Started

2018/19 Devon Community Foundation (DCF) funded the start-up of Sage Green CIC with £5,000. The focus then was to work with people 50+. In that first year, Sage Green CIC used the funding to make the garden area safe for people to access. This meant creating level paths and providing tools and other equipment to carry out the purposes of the project. It was also essential to start contacting those organisations who could refer people to us. 

People who would benefit from improved wellbeing by helping in the garden. Food production is the central focus of Sage Green CIC. The planting, harvesting and maintenance of the market garden is the focus which provides well-being, working and learning experience for everyone.

Those who came along in that first year enjoyed being with us and this instilled in me the drive to be a Community Veg Patch to work with the community; help, and be part of the community.
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Want to volunteer?

Get in touch to see how what we do, may help you, or what you can do to help us!

Work experience on our Community Veg Patch is available for anyone who wishes to work in the growing community. Volunteers are an important part of our success. We welcome people with open arms. We would be delighted to hear from you!

Our Ethos

Our ethos is to grow great food using organic methods and consider the environment.  Eco-friendly gardening means we grow organically by being chemical-free.  We consider our pollinators and wildlife by building up a natural population of beneficial insects and predators in the garden which will help us deal with the pest which can be disastrous for a crop. 

We plan to reduce our water usage by putting small tanks at the top of the plots to collect rainwater and by attaching a drip hose system which will lay across the beds for the water to seep into the soil.

We recycle as much of the waste plant material as we can on the compost heap.  We even take the coffee grounds from the cafe in the garden to add to the compost heap.  Stinging nettles and comfrey are collected and used as a liquid feed for the plants.

Reducing the use of plastic materials in our garden is something we are working hard to achieve.  We inherited hundreds of plastic pots when we moved onto our site so we are now reusing them however, the plan is not to replace them with the same plastic but use a bio-degradable plastic which is less damaging to the environment.  The soil is very fertile so we resorted to the use of permeable black plastic this was to prevent the areas which had been cleared from greening up again until we could get around to planting the beds.  All the plastic covers are reused every year on different parts of the garden as a short-term solution to holding back the weeds until planting takes place.

 We are committed to equal opportunity and diversity and firmly believe there is always a part of the growing process which suits the skills and abilities of individuals.  We believe growing is for everyone which is why we can cater for most people’s needs in our community garden. 

The Founder

My name is Jeanette and I am the Founder and Director of Sage Green CIC.

Gardening has always been in my life but not as it is now. With a new Horticulture qualification and a huge desire to change my career path, I created Sage Green CIC.

Sage Green CIC has several facets:
– Well-being and resilience
– Work experience and learning.

These different facets are united by one common thread: Growing beautiful and tasty vegetables in our market garden. This is because I love growing food organically – It tastes so delicious!

I also enjoy working alongside people who have difficulties in their life. Seeing how they change and overcome their difficulties whilst we work side by side in the market garden growing vegetables is humbling.

Sage & Greens CSA

Community Supports Agriculture

We are a community supported veg-box scheme. This means our share members (you) support us through an annual subscription paid annually or monthly via the GoCardless direct debit service – in return we supply you with a share of our harvest throughout the seasons. Your subscription gives Sage & Greens CSA continuity of income that our market garden, which is determined to be highly productive, needs to plan for the following growing season.


Growing vegetables to an organic standard seasonally through the year and be sustainable also means we contribute towards the mitigation of climate change through reduced food miles and zero use of agrochemicals. Our CSA will be an invaluable part of the UK food system and you, as a member, will benefit from eating healthy, fair priced, local, seasonal healthy food.