Growing food organically on the Powderham estate

Sage Green CIC

Market gardening to provide a wellbeing, working and learning experience
How we started and what we do

About us

Click here to listen to how our broad beans grow

Click here to listen to how our broad beans grow

In 2019 Sage Green community interest company (CIC) started clearing a small piece of land inside the walled garden at Powderham Castle  to create a community market garden.  The market garden provides a Green Care option for socially prescribed activities for people with mental health conditions as well as a place to come and volunteer to help with the production of local food grown organically.

At Sage Green CIC we are very concerned about the environment. Pollinators and weeds are welcome as long as they are not detrimental to the growing of our vegetables.  We do not use chemicals and have a no-dig ethos in the garden.  This means our vegetables have almost a perfect environment for growing.  Local organically grown food reduces the food miles to almost zero  and our packaging is compostable.

Sage Green CIC provides a community space for everyone to enjoy the environment. By helping in the market garden you can develop new skills; improve your personal resilience and  benefit from greater health and wellbeing.  Developing new skills and personal resilience can help us all feel we are making a contribution towards the whole community and its environment.

Click on the video below to listen to how our broad beans grow

Market gardening to provide a working and learning experience

Our Garden

We are situated inside the Walled Garden at Powderham Castle.  In the four years we have been on our plot we have worked hard to make  Sage Green CIC market garden a sustainable regenerative system by relying on the natural processes which promote growth for good healthy organically grown vegetables and fruit. 

We have a ‘Green Care’ service providing a calm place for people to recharge their energy to feel well by letting nature do the healing.

Want to volunteer?

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Volunteers are an important part of our success. We welcome people with open arms. We would be delighted to hear from you!

What We Offer

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Upcoming Events and Courses

Sage Green CIC aims to facilitate people to access the outdoors, enjoy learning in our market garden and connect with the environment to enhance wellbeing.



Sage & Greens CSA

Community Supports Agriculture

We are a community supported veg-box scheme. This means our share members (you) support us through an annual subscription paid annually or monthly via the GoCardless direct debit service – in return we supply you with a share of our harvest throughout the seasons. Your subscription gives Sage & Greens CSA continuity of income that our market garden, which is determined to be highly productive, needs to plan for the following growing season.


Growing vegetables to an organic standard seasonally through the year and be sustainable also means we contribute towards the mitigation of climate change through reduced food miles and zero use of agrochemicals. Our CSA will be an invaluable part of the UK food system and you, as a member, will benefit from eating healthy, fair priced, local, seasonal healthy food.